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Shopping Empires - Google Shopping Ads

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Shopping Empire's main course.

Everything you need to know about building a solid store and scaling it the right way.

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Course Structure

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Congratulations on taking the jump to learn about Google Shopping! Ecommerce is one of the fastest ways to make a living online, and Google Shopping is where it’s at right now. I like to call it the new Facebook! It’s a rather untapped gold mine at the moment and it’s ripe. 

One of the first questions you must ask yourself is ‘’How long will it take before I start making money with this system?’’

2 Lessons

Module 1: Preparations

There are a few things we need to do before diving in.

A. Buy a Domain
B. Getting a Logo / Branding
C. Creating Your Email
D. Choosing between Shopify and Woocommerce

2 Lessons

Module 2 - WooCommerce Setup

Did you choose WooCommerce? Great!

2.1. WooCommerce Hosting
2.2. WooCommerce Theme
2.3. WooCommerce Plugins
2.4. WooCommerce Final Touches & Optimization
2.5. Woocommerce Product Upload

2 Lessons

Module 3 - Shopify Setup

Here's all the information you need about getting set up with Shopify!

3.1. Shopify Set Up
3.2. Shopify Theme
3.3. Shopify Apps
3.4. Shopify Product Upload
3.5. Shopify Final Touches

2 Lessons

Module 4 - Website Speed

Website speed is incredibly important for conversion optimization. Ideally, your website should load under 2.5 seconds, both on computer and mobiles.

To verify your website’s speed, you can use Pingdom. Just enter your product page’s URL and see how fast it loads.

If it’s over 2.5 seconds, you need to work on it.

3 Lessons

Module 5 - Product Research - Winners Trailing Method

Product research is the most important part of your journey to have successful ads. Establishing my research system took me a lot of trials, errors and time. But I’ve come up with a very efficient way of finding winning products without wasting too much resources. On top of that, it’s very streamlined and simple.

2 Lessons

Module 6 - Data Feed

To make sure you set up your Merchant Center correctly, there’s a few key steps you need to follow.

6.1. Setting Up Merchant Center
6.2. DataFeedWatch

2 Lessons

Module 7: Google Shopping Ads & Profit Scanner

Let's get the fun started! We're diving into Google Ads themselves now.

7.1. Create Google Ad Account
7.2. General Campaigns
7.3. Bidding Levels
7.4. Monitoring Your General Campaign
7.5. Standalone Campaigns
7.6. Monitor your Ads Efficiently
7.7. Conversion Pixel

2 Lessons

Module 8 - Things You Should Test Yourself

This course is meant as a guide to help you mine towards success. But every single path is different, and you should never rely entirely on what others say. You should always be testing new things, new avenues, trying to improve yourself and your business.

2 Lessons

Module 9 - Calculate Profits

Since you’ll have some conversions rolling in, you will need to keep tabs on your expenses and profits. Revenue in itself isn’t much, what really matters is your net profit. 

To calculate it, you need to keep in mind several aspects we will cover shortly. 

We’ll be using Order Metrics to do that. It’s available both for Woocommerce and Shopify. Great software, not too pricey, automated and very accurate. It’s perfect for a daily look at your metrics and KPIs.

1. Revenue

2. Cost of Goods

3. Transaction Fees

4. Foreign Currency

5. Monthly Fees

6. Refunds

7. Ad Spent

8. Taxes

2 Lessons

Module 10 - Scaling with VAs

I get this one a lot. People often come from a Facebook background and they confuse the two together.

Facebook is a website where people browse their feed with no buying intent. You basically throw an ad at people that *seems* to have an interest towards what you sell. You try to trigger an impulse, a *wow* moment, to get them to buy your product. You have a huge pool of people to do that.

Google is different. People are actively trying to buy what you offer. They’re at the buying stage where they compare you with your competitors. There’s only so much of these people. Not 30 000 000 people monthly are trying to buy ‘’Gray Anti-Theft Backpack’’.

If you can’t force more people to look for ‘’Gray Anti-Theft Backpack’’ on Google, what can you do then?

10.1. How do you even scale on Google?
10.2. Hiring Virtual Assistants
10.3. Team Softwares

1 Lesson


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