I am not a god

You are responsible for your own success!

I can help and guide you, but I cannot make money rain on you.

Shopping Empires gives you a LOT of tools and information to make your venture a SUCCESS. It will make it way easier for you to crush it.

But Shopping Empires will not work day and night for you. You need to put in the initial efforts required to build this new empire of yours.

One of the first questions you must ask yourself is
‘’How long will it take before I start making money with this system?’’

Like a lot of teachers, I need to say that success isn’t guaranteed and far from a straight line.

If it helps, I can tell you about my own experience, and what’s realistic.

First off, this is me! Karianne Gagnon.

I’m 25-year-old, currently residing in the United States, but originally from Quebec, Canada. French is my mother tongue. I have a psychology major, but didn’t work in the field for long.

I went back at my small hometown once I graduated in 2016 and worked at hotel with terrible management. I had $40 000 of debts and nothing to my name. Working full time, I had $20 left at the end of the month to buy a Subway as leisure expense.

In October 2017, my work situation was becoming awful, and I decided enough was enough. I started learning drop shipping and Facebook Ads. I used my credit card to finance my plans. In November 2017, I cracked the code, and made around $700 000 in revenue from 2 main stores. One was solely mine, and the other one was with another partner.

I had 2 winners, and they suddenly died in January 2018. I could not make Facebook Ads work anymore (Facebook Adpocalypse!) and temporarily retired for Q1. I came back around in April to learn a new, fresh, more stable method of generating cashflow. Google Ads!

When I first started Google Ads, I gave it all my time. Around 60 hours a week (or more). When I was not uploading and researching products, I was reading articles about ad scores and split testing my website and my campaigns.

Following this course, you have access to a lot of data I didn’t have back then. This field drastically lacks public information - Perhaps because no one wants to leak their secrets. I wish I had that as it would have saved me several thousands. But learning is an expensive process full of failures. Even with this course, you will make mistakes and will need to adapt. It’s part of the journey.

That said, if you note down everything you do and observe the results, you’ll have a much easier time at making this work. You should do so, and you probably need to. A good way of succeeding in this industry is to become obsessed with your work for short periods of time.

It took me around 10 days to break even (meaning if I was making $300 per day, I had $0 profit, but I was getting data and new winners). 3 weeks to start making a slight profit ($500 per day, $50 profit).

As soon as I made a slight profit and spotted what was successfully making money, I didn’t keep the profits for myself: I scaled right away. I hired my first VA to help uploading products. I kept doing the product research and he was uploading them.

At that point, progress was twice as fast. We could upload twice as many products. As soon as my profits could afford a second VA, I hired one.

After 4 weeks, I recall I was doing a full time income. It was still unstable. Some days I was breaking even, not making a profit. Only at the 6 weeks mark I started solely pulling net profits, between $50 and $300 daily.

I wish I could give you the real numbers with screenshots of back then but unfortunately, I migrated from Shopify to WooCommerce after my store has been shut down by them (DMCA strike). I don’t have access to the dashboard. Here’s some screenshots I’ve found if it can satisfy your curiosity.

Fancy Screenshots Incoming!

I started around beginning of April, 2018 and struggled up to around April 25, 2018. You can see a massive breakthrough around there. And then you see an absolute loss of revenue (shut down) which is where I moved to Woocommerce.

Today, I’m making between $700 and $5500 daily in net profits. The lower range is Q1 (for example, I’m writing this as mid-january right before Chinese New Year, slightly scaled down, and my average for the week is $800/day). The higher range is Q4, around the holidays (mid November to December, which drastically increases sales).

So give this your all! Take notes, test your own things, be happy to fail and note down ALL your results. Turn your walls into a crazy person’s drawing board if you must. This is worth the efforts, and you shouldn’t use any excuses not to obsess over it for a month as it will change your whole future.

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t be reckless with the money you spend on advertising. Only hire VAs once profitable. Financially plan your journey, else you plan to fail. You’re the only one responsible for your success in the end. I’m just here to guide you and help you!

NOTE 2: I work very hard when I first start a new venture. I put in a lot of time, and clear my schedule of ALL distractions to SOLELY learn the new system. If you’re not as intense and dedicated as me, you certainly won’t be able to replicate how fast I made this work. This doesn’t mean you should give up! If it takes you 3 months to change your life forever, it’s definitely worth it!


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