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Want to move away from AliExpress? Improve your shipping times from 30 days to 12 days with access to a private supplier. Get access to massive discount off product prices and even add coupons to your orders for upsells.

REQUIREMENTS: Need to make 100 orders + per month

I've been working with this private supplier for almost 2 years now. They never let me down and always quickly dispatch orders (within 2 business days). 

On average, the shipping times are 12 to 18 days. More if during holidays.

They use CSV files to process orders. You have the guide on how to create and send daily CSV files in the course.

IMPORTANT: This is an INTRODUCTION to my private supplier. They WILL accept you as a client if you are respectful. Respect is important in the Chinese culture, so while they are ready to accept you as a client, if you are impolite, they will stop working with you and I am not responsible for your behavior.


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